Marburg’s stage of the double workshop “Interurban knowledge exchange. Emerging Cities in Southern and Eastern Europe, 1870-1945”


The Sixth International Multidisciplinary Symposium of Memory Studies: Discourses of Memory in the Time of Forgetting

Filming of "7 Wonders of Ukraine: Historical Towns and Settlements" in BSPU

7 chudes UkraYini

Conference “Friends or Foes of Transformation?...” in Essen


Announcement of the Round Table "Ukrainian-Russian frontier: the possibilities of studying collective identities of Donbas population in conditions of the hybrid warfare by the methods of oral history"

Zobrazhennya dlya Informlistka pro kruliy stIl

Round table "Ukrainian-Russian frontier…"

Presentation of “British Consul and Industrialist John Edward Greaves” in Berdyansk

oblojka John Greaves

Consul General of Greece in Mariupol honored the memory of Consuls of Greece in Berdyansk


4th year of the website of Research Institute of Urban History

Statistika 2016

Symposium in Mexico

Forum in Berlin

Berlin 2

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  1. ASEEES-MAG Summer Convention in Lviv
  2. International Workshop ““Mobilities” in the Black Sea Region”: Presentation in Bucharest the activities of the Research Institute of Urban History
  3. The Seminar in Vinnitsya
  4. 3 years of operation of the website of the Research Institute of Urban History
  5. "The Studios of living history"
  6. Rozdilovi
  7. The book “European Vector of the Northern Azov in the Imperial Period: British Consular Reports about Italian Shipping” has been published
  8. Presentation of the book by Taras Chukhlib
  9. Round table "The native / the strange " in the Southern Ukraine
  10. Urban space of Ukraine. Chronicles of renaming in the context of de-communization
  11. “Radio Liberty” about “Entrance to the East” in Berdyansk
  12. First International Congress on the Anthropology of Salt (Iași, Romania)
  13. Appeal of researchers of the history of Odessa
  14. Another year of operation of the website of the Research Institute of Urban History
  15. Berdyansk roots of "Sherlock Holmes" (Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch)
  16. The book “The Spread of Imperial Practices of Relations Between State and Church: Religious Life of Berdyansk of the First Decade of Its Existence” has been published
  17. The second volume of "Encyclopedia of Berdyansk" has been published
  18. Meeting in Uzhgorod
  19. The Research Institute of Urban History – a co-organizer of the Third International Symposium of Multidisciplinary Memory Studies (3rd SIMEM)
  20. Conference “The Economic and Social Development of the Port-Cities of the Southern Black Sea Coast, Late 18th – Beginning of the 20th century” (Istanbul, 23 - 26 October 2014)
  21. Internships in Vienna
  22. European Youth Parliament in Azerbaijan
  23. Streetlights of cities. Barcelona.
  24. Regional Seminar “Life satisfaction in urban space: historical and sociological aspects”
  25. Presentation of a new book
  26. Victoria Konstantinova awarded with the medal "For significant contribution to development of the city of Berdyansk"
  27. 4th Mediterranean Maritime History Network Conference (Museu Marítim de Barcelona)
  28. Website of the Research Institute of Urban History: work for the year
  29. Statement of researchers of history of the Southern Ukraine
  30. “(Not)fidelity of the memory”
  31. New step in cooperation of BSPU and BUAP
  32. First Conference of the Black Sea Project “The Economic and Social Development of the Port-Cities of the Northern Black Sea Coast, Late 18th –Beginning of the 20th century”
  33. "Frontiers of city" is one of the summer leaders in Ukrainian Rating "Book of the Year 2013"
  34. Summer School in Rome
  35. The Workshop in Kyiv
  36. International relations of BSPU: the Masters of Mexican university on the professional and scientific improvement in Berdyansk
  37. Experience exchange with foreign colleagues in Budapest
  38. Presentation of personal dairies of Waldemar Haffkine in BSPU
  39. Information about the Research Institute of Urban History in the weekly newspaper "Education of Ukraine"
  40. Presentation of the web-site of the Research Institute of Urban History
  41. Actual interview
  42. Unknown Waldemar Haffkine
  43. Notes from Mexico
  44. Scientific seminar in Urban History
  45. Bishop Berdyansk and Primorsk Efrem – in BSPU
  46. Cooperation with the Coordinating Council of Cossack’s organizations under mayor of Berdyansk
  47. Presentation of book «Ukrainian Cossacks in the national memory. Chernihiv regiment» by Vladimir Krivosheya
  48. «Presentation of the three volumes of the edition «Oral History of Steppe Ukraine»
  49. Excursion in the Museum of History of BSPU
  50. Distinction of historical TV programms
  51. The delegation of BSPU in Belarus
  52. Under protection of the Virgin
  53. «IV Novytskiy reading» was on the historical faculty of ZNU
  54. Unfading flowers of historical education
  55. Presentation of historical and cultural anthology «Frontiers of city»
  56. Video anniversaries of BSPU
  57. Anniversaries of BSPU