To the 160th anniversary of Vladimir Haffkine. Welcome to the meeting


On March 15, 2020 will be the 160th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding bacteriologist, the graduate of Berdyansk Boys Gymnasium, Vladimir Haffkine. On this occasion, the Research Institute of Urban Studies is organizing the event at Berdyansk State Pedagogical University. The staff of the Research Institute of Urban Studies has been studying the life and heritage of Vladimir Haffkine for quite some time searching for relevant sources in the archives and libraries of Ukraine and abroad. Naturally the emphasis here is on the study of Haffkine contacts with Southern Ukraine and directly with Berdyansk.

Last year marked the 120th anniversary of Haffkine Institute in India. So, on the initiative of the descendant of Haffkine family, publisher Alexander Duel, Israeli writer David Markish, director of Haffkine Institute in India, Dr. Nishigandha Naik and BSPU professor Igor Lyman recorded videos describing Dr. Haffkine’s persona. You can see these videos here: Videos of Igor Lyman were recorded by Roman Kostromitsky, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Communications of BSPU for which we are sincerely grateful for him.

A few days ago, the publisher Alexander Duel sent us copies of the 224-page David Markish novel “MAHATMA. Free fantasies from the life of the most unknown person” dedicated to Vladimir Haffkine, published last year. This art work, in full accordance with its subtitle, can not claim historical authenticity. And it does not say about Berdyansk period of Haffkine biography  (this city is mentioned in the text only once as a "musty province"). However, the novel prompts interesting and fruitful reflections.

All about this will be discussed during the meeting which will start at BSPU main building on Friday, March, 13 at 12:50. Everyone is welcome.


According to the Research Institute of Urban Studies