“Women on the Move: Berdyansk Context”

1Women on the Move Berdyansk Context

On September 17, open air, in the courtyard of the main building of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University professor Igor Lyman held a public lecture “Women on the Move: Berdyansk Context”.

The issues of the gender aspect of the migrant history of Berdyansk were raised, the biographies of Amy E. Greaves Sudermann Enss, Jane Wilhemenia Greaves and Helena Jansen (women whose life trajectories are interesting case study of Berdyansk connections with the world) were considered.

The public lecture was held in frames of the History Fest organized by the project “What is Your History?” (http://ri-urbanhistory.org.ua/en/home/12-news-en/762-istorichnij-festival-proektu-yaka-tvoya-istoriya-3).
This public lecture is timed to the beginning of COST (The European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action “Women on the Move”.

“Women on the Move” is a transdisciplinary network of European researchers who focus on historic and contemporary female labour mobility spanning six centuries to the present. The objective is to show the presence and economic contribution of female migrants in European history by revealing women as active migrants and builders of Europe – with economic means, belongings, assets and social networks – capable to overcome gendered obstacles. Ukraine in COST Action “Women on the Move” is represented by professors Igor Lyman and Victoria Konstantinova.

2Women on the Move Berdyansk Context

3Women on the Move Berdyansk Context

4Women on the Move Berdyansk Context

5Women on the Move Berdyansk Context