Institute of Urban History - Presentation of “British Consul and Industrialist John Edward Greaves” in Berdyansk

Presentation of “British Consul and Industrialist John Edward Greaves” in Berdyansk

oblojka John Greaves

September 19, 2017 the book “British Consul and Industrialist John Edward Greaves” was presented in Berdyansk.

The book is a study of the biography of a British diplomatic representative in the Southern Ukraine in imperial period, who established the plant in Berdyansk, which was considered as the largest reaper manufactory in Europe.

The book could help to contribute to discussions of the problems of backwardness and modernization of the “periphery” of the Russian Empire; interurban knowledge exchange; actors of modernization changes; economic interests, political participation, national identity of the elites; economic structures and networks within and beyond the state borders; integration strategies of the large-scale manufacturers into the global markets; adaptation strategies of the economic elites during revolutions, political upheavals, military conflicts; biography research about business dynasties.

The book was presented by its authors: Igor Lyman, Victoria Konstantinova, Eugene Danchenko.

Authors’ sincere gratitude for assisting in preparing the book goes to Gelina Harlaftis and Anna Sydorenko (Сorfu, Greece), Victoria Pérez (Puebla, Mexico), Viktor Petkau (Dortmund, Germany), Olena Petrenko (Bochum, Germany), Oksana Huss (Essen, Germany), Olexandra Kryshtapovych (Dusseldorf, Germany), Alexandra Hahn (Dresden, Germany), Eszter Gantner and Heidi Hein-Kirchner (Marburg, Germany), Dorne Coggins (Dore, the United Kingdom), Julia Malitska (Stockholm, Sweden), Oliver Hochadel (Barcelona, Spain), Hamdi Özdiş (Düzce, Turkey), Lilya Bilousova and Sergei Berezin (Odesa), Larisa Levchenko, Ludmila Vovchuk and Alexandr Trigub (Mykolaiv), Valentyna Shandra (Kyiv), Natalia Wenger and Alexandr Kharlan (Dnipropetrovsk), Volodymyr Kulikov (Kharkiv), Evgeny Denisov, Victor Mikhailichenko, Larisa Buchna, Viktor Dobroserdov, Tamara Dobroserdova, Yana Laguta, Arseniy Holyk and Julia Musenko (Berdyansk).

You can read “British Consul and Industrialist John Edward Greaves” here:


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Photos by Ekaterina Kazakevich