Presentation of the monograph "British Consuls in the Port City of Berdyansk"


March 28, 2018, the monograph by Igor Lyman and Victoria Konstantinova The Ukrainian South as Viewed by Consuls of the British Empire (Nineteenth - Early Twentieth Centuries). Volume 1: British Consuls in the Port City of Berdyansk took place in Berdyansk State Pedagogical University.
The book represents the history of relationships of Berdyansk with Great Britain and biographies of British Consuls in this port-city on the Sea of Azov. To a certain extent, the edition “opens” Berdyansk as a part of the Southern Ukraine to English-speaking readers who previously could only find scattered mentions about this city.

The geographic reach of this publication is not limited and includes numerous countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. This is conditioned by the character of the trade contacts of Berdyansk, the particularities of the British Consuls serving there, as well as their family relationships and communications. Therefore, while preparing the book, authors had to deal not only with English and Russian-language sources, but also with documents written in Turkish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

This edition includes texts of reports of British Consuls in Berdyansk for 1858-1912 years.
Sincere gratitude of the authors for supporting and (or) assisting in preparing the book goes to Gelina Harlaftis (Сorfu, Greece), Victoria Pérez (Puebla, Mexico), Colin Mackie (Perth, the United Kingdom), Bob Cumberbatch (London, the United Kingdom), Dorne Coggins (Dore, the United Kingdom), Volodymyr Kravchenko (Edmonton, Canada), David P. Sudermann (Northfield, USA), Serhii Plokhii (Cambridge, USA), Viktor Petkau (Dortmund, Germany), Dietlind Hüchtker (Leipzig, Germany), Eszter Gantner and Heidi Hein-Kirchner (Marburg, Germany), Martin Kröger and Pauline Puppel (Berlin, Germany), Alexandra Hahn (Dresden, Germany), Olena Petrenko (Bochum, Germany), Oksana Huss (Essen, Germany), Oleksandra Kryshtapovych (Dusseldorf, Germany), James Urry and Peter Douglas Zohrab (Wellington, New Zealand), Julia Malitska (Stockholm, Sweden), Anna Sydorenko (Сorfu, Greece), Hamdi Özdiş (Düzce, Turkey), Oliver Hochadel (Barcelona, Spain), Marius-Tiberiu Alexianu and Roxana-Gabriela Curcă (Iași, Romania), Konstantin Ardeleanu (Galati, Romania), Lilya Bilousova and Sergei Berezin (Odesa), Alexandr Tedeev and Volodymyr Milchev (Zaporizhzhya), Larisa Levchenko, Ludmila Vovchuk and Alexandr Trigub (Mykolaiv), Valentyna Shandra (Kyiv), Andrey Nepomnyaschiy and Alexandr Kravchuk (Simferopol), Natalia Wenger and Alexandr Kharlan (Dnipropetrovsk), Volodymyr Kulikov (Kharkiv), Igor Bogdanov, Evgeny Denisov, Victor Mikhailichenko, Larisa Buchna, Volodymyr Karpenko, Eugene Danchenko, Yana Laguta and Arseniy Holyk (Berdyansk).

This book is published thanks to the support rendered by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (the Mykhailo, Volodymyr, and Olia Halchuk Memorial Endowment Fund).

Books were sent to regional and university libraries of Ukraine, to foreign libraries, as well as were gifted at the presentation.

All interested persons can find an electronic version of the monograph on the website of the Research Institute of Urban History:

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