The 10th ICCEES World Congress in Montreal


On August 3-8, 2021, the 10th World Congress of the International Council for Central and East European Studies took place. The theme of the Congress - “Bringing national and global perspectives” (

It was scheduled for August 2020 offline in Montreal (Canada), but due to the pandemic was initially postponed for a year, and later completely moved to the online format. The rich program of the Congress includes panels, book discussions, and other special events relating to history, political science, literature, linguistics, journalism, public policy, economics, international trade, and other fields ( The Congress schedule, which includes more than 400 events, is structured in accordance with the time zone in which Montreal is located, so according to Kyiv time, daily activities began at 4 pm, ended at 4 am. As for the technical support of the Congress it is interesting, among other things, conducting and demonstrating synchronous transcripts of speeches. And, of course, the ability to view the record of any panel later.

Professor of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University Igor Lyman took part in the Congress thanks to the financial support of the CIUS Exchanges with Ukraine Endowment Fund. The topic of the presented research is “British Consulates in Ukrainian Port Cities of the Russian Empire: Bringing National and Global Perspectives”.

The International Council for Central and East European Studies was founded in 1974 in Canada. ICCEES is “a global consortium of national scholarly associations dedicated to multi-disciplinary research into Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Its aims are to: promote international scholarly exchange and cooperation by holding a World Congress every five years; share experience and support in critical methods, scholarly publishing, and organizational skills; and welcome young scholars working in the field”. The previous, 9th ICCEES Congress was held in Japan in 2015. 1,300 researchers from 49 countries took part in it.

At the closing ceremony of the 10th Congress it was announced that the next, 11th ICCEES World Congress would take place in 2025 in London.