What is your history?

What is your history22

Project "What is your history" in Facebook

A Project of Zaporizhzhia scientific society named after Yakiv Novytskyi, supported by USAID, launched in three cities

A book on the history of the port-cities of the eastern coast of the Black sea has been published in Greece

Scientific society named after Y. Novitskyi and USAID for Berdyansk

International activity of BSPU: we are moving forward!

The book about Berdyansk and 6 other port cities was published on the island of Crete

Photo history of the Greeks of Berdyansk

Radio Liberty about the project "What is your history?"


The rector of BSPU showed his family photo albums

BSPU historians in action!

Igor Bogdanov, the  rector of BSPU, supported the project "What is your history?", generously giving more than fifty photos from his family albums

Article "Photohistory of the Greeks of Berdyansk" in the newspaper " Pivdenna Zorya ", Thursday, June 25, 2020, № 26 (17575) P. 9.

"What is your history?": the history of Berdyansk from a new view

What is your history? The exhibition and  excursion by leading scientists took place in the center of Berdyansk

The street exhibition "Unique Berdyansk" took place in Berdyansk, - PHOTOS

The local historian presented his book in Berdyansk

The general history of Berdyansk consists of small family stories, memories and photos

Ukrainian check-in at BSPU

Berdyansk trace of "Chervona Ruta"

"History Fest" to be held in Berdyansk tomorrow

History Fest of the project "What is your history?" in Berdyansk

"What is your history?": History Fest was held in Berdyansk


History Fest of the Project "What is your history?"

"Women on the Move: Berdyansk Context"

24 excursions in the Museum of History of BSPU for the first-year students

The Research Institute of Urban History is among the co-organizers of the "Eleventh Novitskiy Readings"

Article "Eleventh Novitskiy Readings" in the newspaper "Pivdenna Zorya", 22.10.2020, № 44, P. 13

"What is your history?": summing up