Project "Changes in Pedagogical Faculties and Universities in the 21st Century" (Czech Republic)


During 2017-2018 Berdyansk State Pedagogical University participated in the project "Progressive Management of University" which was on the base of Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic) ( ;

As a deployment of this cooperation this spring Berdyansk State Pedagogical University was selected for participation in the project "Changes of Pedagogical Faculties and Universities in the 21st Century" which is being implemented from May 2019 to December 2021. The project is being implemented by Masaryk University in the support of the Czech Development Agency.

The project “Changes in Pedagogical Faculties and Universities in the 21st Century” is aimed at strengthening the capacity of middle management staff and teachers of Ukrainian universities to train future teachers.
In general the project included 20 Ukrainian universities which according to the grant application formulation "play an important role in the development of Ukrainian education at the regional and national level".

Topics around which the project is organized:
- teacher training in the 21st century;
- supporting young academics at universities especially in the fields of science and research and increasing their academic mobility;
- internal evaluation of higher education institutions;
- internationalization of universities, preparation and participation in international projects;
- actual interests of project participants.

On November 17-23, 2019, the first meeting of this project was held at Masaryk University. Among others lectures were "Actual Topics in University Environment in the Context of Education Quality Indicators", "Internationalization as the Biggest Challenge for Universities", "Changes in Schools in the 21st Century", "School Studies, Inclusion Research Projects in Schools, Creation and Implementation", "Technology in Education and Teaching", "Student Mobility and Erasmus+ K3 Projects", "Method of Advisory Circle: Challenges and Obstacles in the Work of a University Teacher in Ukraine", "Strategic Planning and Principal Challenges for Pedagogical Faculties in the Czech Republic", "How to teach the teacher?...", "Project activity as a part of the teachers training". Lecturers were Lenka Gulova, Radim Ship, Denisa Denglerova, Market Sedlakova, Yizhen Nemets, Martina Kurowski, Michal Czerny, Zdenek Janik, Frantisek Trapl.

Also, representatives of 20 Ukrainian universities participated in the conference “Environmental Dimensions of the Pedagogical Professions”. There was a meeting with Eva Maria Miranda Perez, an expert from the University of Lisbon (Portugal). The participant from BSPU was Professor Victoria Konstantinova, Director of the Research Institute of Urban Studies.

In 2020 the conference of PhD students (postgraduate students) is expected to be attended by representatives of both Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The conference will also include an educational program aimed at exploring opportunities for young scientists.

Moreover, the competition for international doctoral (postgraduate) mini-projects will be announced which within the framework of the project "Changes of Pedagogical Faculties and Universities in the 21st Century" may receive a minigrant for publishing a joint article.

There will be two roundtables on the project results in Ukraine during the project.