The first visit of newly appointed Consul General of Greece Grigorios Tassiopoulos to Berdyansk


On November 18, 2019, the Consul General of Greece in Mariupol, Grigorios Tassiopoulo first arrived in Berdyansk who took up his consular duties in Ukraine a few weeks ago.

Mr. Tassiopoulos spent most time of his visit at Berdyansk State Pedagogical University talking with its administration, teachers and students as well as members of Berdyansk Greek Society «Hellas» headed by BSPU teacher Irina Nagay.
Professor Igor Lyman presented to the Consul General of Greece a draft of the monograph "The Greek Community and Greece Consuls in Berdyansk in the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries" which he is now finishing with the director of the Research Institute of Urban History, Professor Victoria Konstantinova and it will be published by Berdyansk Greek Society «Hellas». Mr. Tassiopoulos readily accepted the proposal to preface this book.

The Consul General was shown some of Berdyansk houses which in the XIX - early XX centuries belonged to the Greeks including the BSPU building 5V as well as the building in which the Consul of the Kingdom of Greece in Berdyansk, Mihail Pikos, lived and worked.

Mr. Tassiopoulos expressed his great interest in the history of the Greek community of Berdyansk as well as researches by BSPU scholars in the fields of Greek history and archeology. Also at the meeting with the Mayor of Berdyansk the Consul General of Greece also assured that he would develop cooperation with the city in the field of education.