III All-Ukrainian Library "Biographical Rating"

1.III All Ukrainian Library Biographical Rating

Recently, the results of the III All-Ukrainian Library "Biographical Rating" initiated in 2018 by the Institute of Biographical Research of V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine on the occasion of its 100th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of the Institute, were recently summed up in order to identify and promote the achievements in the field of biography and biography of scientists, local historians and bibliologists of Ukraine, as well as the publication of regional and local lore works which remain unnoticed despite the often high scientific level of results.

The selection was based on the nominations "Biography" (85 applicants), "Personal index" (35 positions), "Collective portrait" (40 positions), "Collection of biobibliographic materials" (25 positions), "Reference biographical publications" (19 positions), "Biography sources" (85 positions), "Research on the theory and methods of biography" (5 positions).

This year, Professor of BSPU, Igor Lyman was invited to join the rating experts whose joint monograph with V. Konstantinova “The Ukrainian South as Viewed by Consuls of the British Empire (Nineteenth - Early Twentieth Centuries). Volume 1: British Consuls in the Port City of Berdyansk” was last year recognized as the best in the nomination "Collective Portrait" and received the diploma of the 1st degree according to the results of the All-Ukrainian "Biographical Rating 2018" (http://ri-urbanhistory.org.ua/home/9-news/690-british-consuls-in-the-port-city-of-berdyansk-is-the-best-book-in-a-nomination-of-the-all-ukrainian-biographical-rating-2019).

The lists of publications of the winners and nominees of this year "Biographical Rating" can be found here: http://www.nbuv.gov.ua/node/5205

A number of virtual presentation materials are currently being prepared with the participation of winners and experts - the Biographer UA project. In particular, it is about video and audio recordings with stories about laureates and nominees, as well as video conferencing.

2.III All Ukrainian Library Biographical Rating