Urban space of Ukraine. Chronicles of renaming in the context of de-communization

1. Berdyansk. Live broadcast on TRK "YUG": "Renaming streets, squares and cities: Pros and Cons"

2. Taras Chukhlib. Expert opinion on renaming Kirovohrad

3. “Radio Liberty”: Within de-communization in Zaporizhzhya more than a hundred streets will be renamed

4. Resolution of the Conference about the renaming of Ordzhonikidze

5. Letter of Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Primary Sources Studying of M.S. Hrushevskyi (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) about the renaming of Ordzhonikidze

6. Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Primary Sources Studying of M.S. Hrushevskyi (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). The position of the Scientific Council of the Institute on the "anti-communist laws"

7. Andreas Umland. Sylvester Stallone as a boxer (a comment on the infamous Ukrainian decommunization laws, and professional expertise in Ukrainian public affairs)

8. Maria Takhtaulova. Toponymy of modern Kharkov: realities and prospects

9. Ukrainian Institute of National Memory. Materials about de-communization

10. Ukrainian Institute of National Memory. List of cities and villages to rename

11. Ukrainian Institute of National Memory. How to rename a street

12. The process of de-communization in Ukraine will affect the European process of de-communization - Vyatrovich

13. Taras Shamayda. Everything about de-communization. How the law about banning the Communist and Nazi propaganda will work

14. Invitation volunteers to help in the implementation of laws about de-communization

15. Natalia Shestopal. The main expenses - production of new plates. But they are changing according to a plan

16. Ukrainian Institute of National Memory together with Hromadske radio talk about de-communization

17. In Ukraine, names of 3% of cities and villages will be changed within six months

18. Vakhtang Kipiani. How Kirovograd will be named: between Elisavetgrad and Ingul’s’k

19. Elena Shargovs’ka. To withdraw Soviet tattoos from the skin of a city

20. 110 streets will be renamed in the capital within six months

21. Ukrainian laws about de-communization were presented in France

22. Interactive map of cities and villages that should be renamed

23. Anna Oliynyk. De-communization: learn from the mistakes of others

24. Ukrainian Institute of National Memory has completed the series of radio programs about de-communization

25. How is the second month of de-communization in Ukraine - in the plot Espreso TV

26. De-communization without panic: all the documents with the old names will remain valid indefinitely

27. The price of renaming streets

28. A list of objects of toponymy to be renamed has been compiled in Zaporizhzhy

29. More than 2000 streets and squares will be renamed in Chernihiv region

30. 908 cities and villages are recommended to rename: Ukrainian Institute of National Memory updated the list

31. "Laws about de-communization are the opportunity to put an end to the Soviet heritage" - Sergey Ryabenko

32. Map of "leninopad" mapped out in Kherson

33. Vasyl Chepurny. How is de-communization in Chernihiv?

34. Sergey Butko. The page about de-communization appeared on the website of Chernihiv Regional State Administration

35. Roman Golovenko. What is de-communization of public space and why is it necessary?

36. Public discussion about renaming streets in the city of Kovel in Volyn

37. Renaming of Chervonoznamenka (Odessa region)

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