March 14, 2020 is marked as the 60th anniversary of the birth of our dear Teacher and colleague Anatoliy Boyko.

Anatoliy Boyko (March 14, 1960, Zaporizhyzhya - December 27, 2010, Zaporizhyzhya) - Doctor of History (2001), Professor (2003), Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine (2008).

In 1977 he graduated from high school № 50 in Zaporizhyzhya. He worked as a worker at the Zaporizhstal plant. During the period 1978-1981 he was serving in the Black Sea Fleet. During the period 1981-1986 he was studing at the History Department of Dnipropetrovsk State University receiving a diploma in Historian, Teacher of History and Social Studies.

During the period November, 1986 – October, 1989 he was studing at the graduate school of Dnipropetrovsk State University.

In 1991 he defended his PhD thesis "Trade of Southern Ukraine (1775-1825)".

Since November, 1989 he was the Assistant Professor at the Department of History of USSR and USSR at Zaporizhzhya State University, since September, 1991 - Senior Lecturer and since May 1992 - Assistant Professor of History of Ukraine ZSU.

During the period October, 1994 – September, 1997 he was a doctoral student at ZSU.

Since January 2000 he was the Head of the Department of Source Studies, Historiography and Special Historical Disciplines of Zaporizhzhya State University.

He defended his doctoral dissertation "Sources on the Social and Economic History of Southern Ukraine in the Last Quarter of the 18th Century" in 2001.

Since 1997 he was the Chairman of the Board of Zaporizhzhya Scientific Society named after Yakov Novitsky. Since 1999 he was the Head of Zaporizhzhya Branch of the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Studies named after Mykhailo Hrushevsky of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Since 2003 he was the Head of Zaporizhzhya Branch of the Kowalski Eastern Institute

During the period 2000-2010 he was the organizer of large-scale oral-historical and ethnographic expeditions in Southern of Ukraine.

Organizer of 25 international and all-Ukrainian conferences, congresses, seminars and round tables.

Official scientific advisor of three defended doctoral theses, official scientific adviser of twelve defended PhD theses.

Awards: “For the development of Zaporizhzhya region” (2004), “Honored worker of education of Ukraine” (2008), “For development of Zaporizhzhya region” (2008), “For personal contribution to the development of the city of Zaporizhzhya” (2010).

Scientific interests: history of Steppe Ukraine of the XVIII-XIX centuries, source studies, oral history of Steppe Ukraine.

Author and compiler of about 170 scientific papers (in particular, "Zaporizhzhya wintering ground of the last quarter of the ХVІІІ century" (1995), "Southern Ukraine of the last quarter of the ХVІІІ century. Part 1: Agrarian relations" (1997), "Interfaith relations in Southern Ukraine of the ХVІІІ-ХХ centuries”(1999), “Sources from the History of Fairs of Southern Ukraine of the Last Quarter of the ХVІІІ - First Half of the XIX Century”(2000), “Southern Ukraine of the Last Quarter of the ХVІІІ Century: Analysis of Sources”(2000), etc.).

The chief editor of the journal "Papers of Research Laboratory of History of Southern Ukraine of ZSU: Southern Ukraine in XVIII – XIX сentury", multi-volume and serial editions "Sources on the History of Southern Ukraine", "J. Novytskyi. Works in 5 volumes", "Oral History of Steppe Ukraine”, “Ancientries of Southern Ukraine”, “Zaporizhzhya Heritage”, “Voznesensk Ancientries”, etc.