7 chudes UkraYini

In 2016 Berdyansk became one of the winners of the action "7 Wonders of Ukraine: Historical Towns and Settlements", initiated and organized by Mykola Tomenko Foundation "Ridna Kraina".

On Saturday, July 1, 2017, Berdyansk State Pedagogical University was visited by Mykola Tomenko and the crew of ICTV channel. The purpose of the visit was filming episodes of the film about Berdyansk.
According to Mykola Tomenko, "The special task of the new series is to help to promote the historical, cultural and tourist opportunities of towns and settlements of Ukraine, as well as delivering to the general public unknown and little-known pages of Ukrainian history and heroic figures".

Last year, in the process of selecting applicants for participation in "7 Wonders of Ukraine: Historical Towns and Settlements" action, Mykola Tomenko has already twice visited Berdyansk State Pedagogical University (http://us.bdpu.org/vo-slavu-velykoho-kobzarya.html , http://pro.berdyansk.biz/content.php?id=35292 , http://ri-urbanhistory.org.ua/home/9-news/339-istorik-ta-politik-mikola-tomenko-v-muzeji-istoriji-bdpu , http://us.bdpu.org/stolychni-hosti-v-bdpu.html).