Berlin 2

The forum "UkraineLab: Playing polyphony of the society. Exploring the European identity" held at Berlin (September 19-22, 2016). Iuliia Korolevska, the member of the Research Institute of Urban History, was participant of this forum. UkraineLab is an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral network for agents of change and brain center, which produces innovative solutions for the civil society and culture of Ukraine.

The forum includes six working committees: Polyphony in education: new approaches in formal and non-formal education for a diverse society; Polyphony in culture: cultural innovations and provocations for a harmonious society; Polyphony in society: active development of effective tools for dialogue and integration under the circumstances of (forced) migration; Polyphony in innovation: potential(s) of social and scientific innovations for the cohesion of the society; Polyphony in politics: discourse of European identity and diversity in Ukraine – EU political relations; Polyphony in media: Ukrainian and European journalism between versatility and propaganda

A special place takes a cultural program, which included the concert of Lubomyr Melnyk, literary readings readings (speakers: Sophia Andrukhovich, Andriy Bondar, Bogdan Logvinenko Vladimir Rafyeyenko), the night of documentary film etc.

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