On October 6, 2017 Leonid Toma read an open lecture "Literary Activity of the Ukrainian Nationalists-The Sixties" for the students-historians of BSPU. Leonid Toma is the author of the collections of poetry: "Morning", "The Call of the Dawn", "The Mystery of the Road", "The Birth of Truth", "Two Nature", "Teren and Laurus", "Transfiguration", "Turnberry Transformer"; plays "Nestor Makhno", "Taras Bulba", "Stray Angels", prose books "Sahaydachny" , "Nikolai Gogol", "Balakliyshchina. Arsenal. History", "Sky on the ground disappears ". Laureate of awards to them. V. Misika, them. K. Gordienko and the Grand Prix "Sichislavna".

The Department of History and Philosophy, Research Institute of  Urban History and NGO “Urban Initiatives” organized the meeting with the famous Ukrainian writer.


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